How to reduce the unevenness of stamping parts

There are many stamping parts in our products(switch socket lampholder)

  Inspection and correction of the drawing die: The drawing die needs to be regularly inspected and maintained to reduce the occurrence of convex and concave and maintain a stable state. The usual practice is to use a sample to check the bonding scratches of the blank holder and the machined surface (concave die) The case of rounded corners, punch rounded corners). Inspection and correction of shearing die: The reason for the convexity and concavity after the shearing process is due to the iron powder generated during the shearing process. Therefore, the iron powder must be observed before stamping to avoid the occurrence of convexity and concave. .

Appropriate manipulator speed: For semi-automatic drawing die production, when the drawing punch is at the lower die position and the manipulator speed is very fast, the burr will fall on the upper part of the punch, causing convex and concave. To avoid this problem, we The discharge test of the parts can be done before production, and the speed and discharge angle of the manipulator can be reasonably set so that it will not touch the parts and the lower die.

Check the cut surface: When cutting the coil, the wear and tear of the cut die will produce a lot of tiny iron powder attached to the cutting edge, so before stamping production, it is necessary to check the double cut surface in the material area or stamping line, and clean the sheet in time Remove burrs.

Inspection of sheet cleaning device: Before stamping production, it is necessary to inspect and trim the cleaning installation at the same time, so that it may clean the sheet more effectively, which is also very necessary, and also pay attention to the quality of the roller gap and cleaning oil. Detailed method It is to apply red paint on a steel plate and then make it cleaned and installed. At present, check the cause of the red paint removal. If the removal rate is not up to standard, it must be inspected and repaired. Cleaning and installation. When the cleaning oil is lacking, it must be reduced in time.

Post time: Aug-17-2022