Is it easy to use multi -functional multi -porous band switch socket?

The sockets with switch have three advantages: high safety, energy saving and power saving, and convenient use.

High security: The Internal Threaded Socket with an independent switch can control the power supply of the socket line independently. You can power the electrical appliances separately. Without unplug the plug, ensure that the high -power electrical appliances are in power -off and ensure the safety of the electrical appliances.

For example, the air conditioner is relatively large, which is high -energy -consuming electrical appliances. It is relatively expensive. It is suitable for installing sockets with independent switches (it is recommended to use 16A three -hole sockets with independent switches).

After turning off the air conditioner, you can press the socket switch to keep the air conditioner in the state of power off. No air conditioning is used for a long time. Press the switch button of the Portable Socket Outlet to safely disconnect, protect the air conditioner, and improve the safety of electrical appliances.

Energy -saving and power -saving: In daily life, most people do not develop the habit of turning off the socket. After the electrical appliances are turned off, they did not unplug the socket. The electrical appliances are still in power, which will generate a certain amount of power consumption. It is not a small number to accumulate for a long time.

Energy -saving power saving is the common requirement of the country and society. The use of the socket with switches can effectively achieve energy saving and power saving. One can help the country’s energy saving, achieve carbon neutrality, and the other can help family and work saving power and save electricity costs.

Convenient use:The Waterproof Socket with an independent switch can control the circuit independently, which is more convenient to use, reducing the trouble of pulling plugs.

For example, most of the computer, most of them do not pull out the sockets after shutting down, it is very strenuous every day. Use the socket with a switch, just press the switch directly to ensure that the computer is powered off, saving and safe, and very convenient.

Based on this convenience of life and work, when Langneng, when R & D production switch socket, relying on its own patented technology, a number of sockets with switches have been launched many years ago, providing users with safe, energy -saving and convenient electrical solutions. Greatly facilitates the daily work and life of users.

Protective electrical appliances: Frequent insertion insertions have certain damage to the electrical appliances. Use the socket with switches can save each insertion. It is a protection for electrical appliances, especially some high -power electrical appliances.

Protective socket: The damage of many sockets is due to frequent plugs, which causes the shot to loosen, which affects the conductive effect and cannot even be used. Use the socket with a switch.

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Protecting home safety/saving electricity: Use the socket with switches to avoid loosening between contact films and plugs due to frequent plugs and avoid electric shock risk; many electrical appliances also consume power when standing away. , Avoid electrical fires. Which electrical appliances need to bring switch sockets [kitchen] rice cooker, electric soup/sand/stew pot, steamed oven and other sockets. These sockets are often inserted in the standby work (ordinary rice cooker is in the preservation state), and uses switching and switch The socket can be simply realized. In addition, when doing housework in the kitchen or toilet, there will inevitably be some water in your hands. With the switch socket, you can do it without contact. The purpose of electricity is convenient and safe

Post time: Aug-17-2022